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Sponsoring of components for electric-powered race car

Blumenbecker Slovakia supports student racing team

They accelerate virtually silently from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds; the go as fast as 120 kilometres per hour and weigh 265 kilograms without driver. We are talking about electric-powered race cars built by students with the support of Blumenbecker.

At the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, each year the STUBA Green Team of about fifty students, both male and female, design and build their own electric-powered race car. And each year, they measure themselves against approximately 500 other teams from universities across the globe in what is known as the Formula Student. The international design competition is less about speed than it is about agility and acceleration whereby peak power output reaches 140 kW and acceleration tops out at 1g.

In recent years the Bratislava team has competed in Formula Student events in Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Ireland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. In addition to the individual driving performances, judges also evaluate each team’s construction effort and business plan.

Blumenbecker Slovakia s.r.o. began sponsoring the Bratislava student team in 2015. This year, Blumenbecker supported the STUBA Green Team by providing components required for constructing the chassis. For Managing Director Peter Grno the sponsoring effort is a win-win situation. “On the one hand, the students gain advanced knowledge in a wide range of fields and gather hands-on experience. We, on the other hand, gain direct contact with potential future employees.”

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