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...leading manufacturer of terminals, connectors, signal processing, surge protection and automation technologies.

CLIPLINE - Terminals and terminal modules

From the single terminals after terminal modules, accessories and practical tools for installation, software supported proposals Phoenix Contact offers everything you need for complete equipment distributors.

PLUSCON - Industrial connectors

The complete range of connectors in various versions, to help you increase efficiency when installing your systems and applications can be found in this part of the production Phoenix Contact.

COMBICON - Connectors for PCB

This group of products offers a wide range terminals and connectors intended for mounting on printed circuit boards. Further comprises a group of plastic covers and boxes for the PCB especially suitable for various manufacturers specialized electro modules.

TRABTECH - Surge protection

Phoenix Contact, as one of the top manufacturers in the world offers a wide range of features covering both surge protection and power supply equipment parts, but also data devices.

INTERFACE - Converters and signal processing

Range of products INTERFACE includes converters and interfaces for digital and analog signals as well as stabilized power supplies, PLC cabling and electronic load relays.

AUTOMATIONWORX - Automation technology

One of the youngest but most dynamically developing production parts Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of modules for connection of sensors and controls, fieldbus, control systems based on PLC, Ethernet components to the visualization software. High technical and quality level required for the automation of production processes in all areas of industry for Phoenix Contact is an absolute commonplace.

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