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We offer a complete range of German  company Pilz, a specialist in safety machinery.

Pilz offers products can be divided into field:

Management and control

In 1964 mercury switch was the basic for the first mercury relay. Over years the relay continuously improved and disseminated to the existing control equipment for various uses.

Switches and indicators (PIT)

Pilz Automation offers a safety system also buttons, lights and beacons for industrial use. 
The advantage is optimal compatibility with other devices Pilz.
In addition, Pilz products provide maximum level of safety and reliability, the two most important criteria for the safe management of machinery and equipment.

PSEN sensors for machinery and equipment

Safety sensors in automated processes for the effective protection of the operator and the prevention of accidents, whether they interact with humans and machines.

Pilz standard solutions for typical applications:

Safety switch for door protection and control positions
Optoelectronic protective gates to ensure safe human-machine interaction.

Safety control equipment

Safety switching devices, programmable control and safety bus.
Since 1968, constitutes a permanent position safety equipment on offer Pilz. Currently Pilz standard-setter in the field of technology, starting with the first emergency stop devices PNOZ, through the management of PSS and to the openly bus SafetyBUS.

Range of products includes a variety of solutions and deployment options, such as.: EMERGENCY STOP, Two-Handed desk, photocells, etc. 

Thanks to the experience and practice in machinery safety products of the Pilz company offer optimal solution for your tasks.

HMI panels

Pilz also offers a system for visualizing and interacting with technology service. Correctly diagnosis is a significant reduction in downtime and increase efficiency.

For these tasks, Pilz offers a variety of systems, ranging from diagnostic tools series PMImicro diag to powerful control panel with touch screen PMIvisu and PMIopen.

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